Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Bliss in Vermont

Life is good. I'm spending the week at my family's all-time favorite vacation spot: The Tyler Place Family Resort, a summer camp on the shores of Lake Champlain in northwestern Vermont. It's our fifth visit.

A week here delivers the perfect mix of family time, alone time, kid time, and couple time. My kids adore it here. The children's program and counselors are the best I've ever encountered: nine age-staggered groups for babies through teens, each with its own clubhouse and program of activities. Meanwhile, parents get plenty of their own fun, from kayak trips and sailing to pottery and yoga classes, plus wonderful meals and a cocktail hour every evening. Marvelous!

It turns out that the Memorial Day week is a fabulous time to visit the Tyler Place. Like at most family-focused properties, the big-value weeks tend to fall on the fringes of summer, when many schools are still in session. At the Tyler Place, rates are up to 50 percent lower around Memorial Day and Labor Day. Aiming for the outskirts of summer is a smart way to get a great vacation for much less.

Something else I love: Every year I learn something new here. Two summers ago, I learned to sail a Hobie Cat. Today I'm going to learn to sail a 21-foot day-sailor.

Bring on summer!

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